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Haiti’s Pastor Prophete

God wasted no time on our first day in the DR/Haitian border town of Jimani.  He led us to the place where a remarkable Haitian pastor named Etienne Prophete was getting gas.  Our local AIM missionary Miguel  had met pastor Prophete once before, but had been out of contact with him for at least a week.  He recognized the pastor as we were driving by and introduced and connected us with him in this first conversation.  This began our journey into Haiti and defined our steps for the following days.
As you listen to him speak please pray for he and his wife Betty, his church family, and the community that he ministers in.  Pray for the hospital and birthing center that he oversees where the injured from Port-au-Prince are being bused to, as well as the 56 Haitian churches and 54 schools that he serves around Haiti.